Zuckerberg sends family wishes for happier 2016

Mark Zuckerberg has welcomed the new year by sharing a family photo of his wife and their five-week-old daughter.
Zuckerberg posted the photo to Facebook on Friday showing the doting dad smiling down at his daughter Maxima as he holds her in his arms while his wife, Priscilla Chan, adoringly looks on. ‘I hope your 2016 is happy, healthy and productive,’ the 31-year-old Facebook founder and CEO wrote in a post alongside the sweet snap.
‘As the world faces new challenges and opportunities, may we all find the courage to keep making progress and making all our days count.’ By Saturday afternoon, the post, which was put up near Atherton, California, had garnered more than one million ‘likes’ and had been shared more than 14,000 times.
An outpouring of well wishes were posted in the comment section by people who thanked Zuckerberg for ‘connecting the world’ and wished him and his family a Happy New Year. ‘Thank you for connecting the world. Thank you, because with Facebook I get to see and connect with my family from thousands of miles away,’ one person wrote in the comments.
‘May you and your family build beautiful memories in 2016!’ Wish you and your family A Happy New Year full of Love, Peace, Health and Happiness,’ another person wrote. ‘Thanks for your support for diverse religions and connecting the people around the world.’
Last week, the couple celebrated the recent birth of their daughter by sharing a photo of a charming gingerbread house built in tribute to their baby girl. The edible edifice, decorated with colorful candy and white frosting, features a message that read: ‘Welcome Max.’ The billionaire tech executive and first-time dad clarified in the comments section of that photo that the sugary creation was ‘made with love by our good friends Matt and Pia. Thanks guys!’
Zuckerberg, who is said to be a major Star Wars fan, also previously uploaded a photo of Max dressed up in a Jedi cloak. ‘The force is strong with this one,’ Zuckerberg captioned the perfectly staged picture, which showed her next to a lightsaber, along with toy dolls of Chewbacca, Darth Vader and BB-8.
The post was put up near Palo Alto, California, and garnered over 1.2million ‘likes’ in a matter of hours. He followed that photo up with another lighthearted tribute to the latest Star Wars installment featuring his Hungarian Sheepdog, Beast, dressed as a Sith, complete with a red lightsaber.
Zuckerberg, who is taking a two-month paternity leave, has not been shy about his excitement of welcoming his first child with his wife 30, last month.
In December, he also shared a photo of himself changing Max’s diaper. Zuckerberg, who is sporting a huge grin in the photo, wrote: ‘One more down, thousands to go.’ Max – short for Maxima – weighed seven pounds, eight ounces, when she was born in November and is now the heir to the Silicon Valley tycoon’s $46billion fortune.

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