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Zain murder case: chief justice takes notice of Kanju’s acquittal

ISLAMABAD - Chief Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali on Friday took Suo moto notice of acquittal of Mustafa Kanju – former state minister Siddique Kanju’s son – and four others in Zain murder case.


It was the chief justice’s first suo moto notice since assuming the office in September this year. The chief justice ordered that the record of the case be produced for his perusal. The order said “Record of the case in sealed envelope be produced before his lordship for his perusal”.


Mustafa Kanju, who had allegedly shot dead 17-year-old Zain Rauf in a drunken frenzy in April, was set free along with four other accused by Lahore’s an anti-terrorism court due to lack of evidence against him. Kanju’s counsel had submitted that the witnesses, including the complainant, had retracted from their earlier statements and refused to identify the accused. He said that the prosecution did not have any evidence against the accused.


Mustafa Kanju allegedly opened fire in Cavalry Ground area, killing Zain and injuring a pedestrian on April 1


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