Unemployment in pak

Yes, I’m still unemployed

By Mohsina Tariq

The hardest work in the world is being out or work. The mental fatigue, hypertension and depression that unemployed people sufferare worse than death itself. It is same as to die every day. The biggest complication of being unemployed is that whenever you get up you are on the job, definitely not the physical one but surely the mental one.

It is said that being out of work for two years is more fatal than having a criminal record and in present scenario it seems quite true.


Tension and anxiety has become the hallmark of young generation in present era as they graduate from their universities, numerous problems are waiting for them to be faced. In such large competitive job market it is arduous task to find such a job that could match your skills, abilities and competencies. If we conduct a generic survey in Pakistan we’ll find most individuals discontented or dissatisfied because of not having a proper placement or either because of their existing jobs.


Unfortunately but truly in Pakistan there is no strategic planning on the end of the government to support and cater the needs of such huge influx of graduates passing out every year. Those who get enrolled in four years bachelor degree programme, they are given the “Loly Pop” that this bachelor programme is equivalent to Masters. After four years day dreaming, the luckless youngsters realize the difference between the status of being “equivalent to Masters” and “An actual Master’s degree holder”.



This is the first discriminations that is faced by all honor graduates however “picture abhe baki hai mere dost”.

When these jacks of all trades but masters of none start to apply for the jobs as after all they are “Honors” degree holder, they come to know this bitter reality that they don’t possess the required experience, even in those categories where the corporate sector proudly publishes in their ads that “Fresh are encouraged to apply”, those are given preference who hold a year or two experience. I think so it is no the corporate sector’s mistake, in the era of such technological advancement, it is righteous to assume that we should come out as experienced individuals from the mother’s womb.

This was the story of private sector now come towards the benevolent and bountiful behaviors of the “Government of Pakistan”. In fact our government is highly poverty stricken, families of bureaucrats are brought on the funds generated from public, bread and butter of these poor souls is dependent on the income produced form public, so it is their “Compulsion” to demand a bank draft of specified amount ranging from Rs: 400 to Rs: 1500 as “Sadqa-e-Jaria” to be deposited in the government’s treasury. Those who are empty handed themselves are required to fill the pockets of greedy and avaricious government sectors and it is very sorry to say that they are doing so either by hook or by crook. Being aware of the nepotism, corruption and reference based hiring system prevailing in Punjab and Federal Public Service Departments, still hundreds and thousands of individuals apply for the job and deposit the non-refundable able bank draft, in open words burn their “Halal Earnings” at both ends.

At this stage government is not alone, National Testing Service (NTS) that was established as a non-profit making organization, is standing side by side with the government to provide complementary services.



Each job test conducted through NTS requires a specified amount as “Fee” to be deposited; still this test is not the guarantee of securing required job. Furthermore in each job ad,

we find an additional statement that “the government possesses the right to discontinue the recruitment procedure “. There is no check and balance system to guard the unbridled profits made by the NTS and in this money laundering our so-called bureaucracy is in cahoots with them.

Now let me describe the pitiable condition of the students and some common questions that are prevailing and sucking their blood. First of all those who get themselves enrolled in four years bachelor degree programme they take exams in every semester two times-Mid-term and final term. Meaning thereby, accumulating the all, these luckless individuals go thorugh the examination process sixteen times in four years.

Then in every semester there are numerous projects that are required to be accomplished.

One thing more, that is missing here, only those individuals succeed in securing admission in government universities who have secured 80 to 90% marks in their Matriculation and Intermediate. If after passing through such prolong and gruesome testing and examination process, we still need any tests to be cleared on then pardon please, but we don’t need such system.

Now at this stage I have some questions from all the running management of corporate and government sector,

firstly does really your 90 minutes based test can judge the mental capabilities of students?

Don’t you have such skilled and   expertise individuals who can magistrate the candidate’s knowledge and skills only by conducting interviews?Can this procedure not be carried on without demanding non-refundable bank drafts from public? Ordo your bread and butter really depend upon the meager but “Halal” earnings of individuals?

Believe me there are hundreds and thousands of individuals who are capable enough to be hired at a good position but they are not having, some time, enough money to be deposited for participating in the test. Ok, fine if this procedure can’t be carried on free of cost then there are other way outs.

  • The individuals who carry out selection process in government departments should make the screening of CVs very carefully and only those should be invited for test that fulfill the desired criteria.
  • After conducting test and interviews, the candidates who has been selected finally they should be required to deposit the bank draft or either this amount should be deducted from their first salary.

Student’s Opinion and Remarks:

Mentioned below are some remarks of youngsters who are either in search of job or doing some supplement work to support their family.

Sadia says: A teacher in Allied School who is Gold Medalist of Lahore College, I have applied numerous times for government educator’s job, even I clear job test but never received call for interview.


Maham: A BBA (Hons) student from the University of Punjab: it has been one year since the completion of degree but still I am jobless. Corporate sector requires experience, they are willing to provide internships but when the matter of placement comes across either the experienced or LUMS or LSE graduates are hired.

Fahad: Graduate of Punjab University in BSC (States), “thorough out our graduation we have been told that there is much demand of states in graduate in every sector such as banks, firms and insurance companies. But after the completion of degree we have realized that what we have been taught in four years doesn’t have practical application. I much confused regarding my status, I have been pondering over and finding the place where I can fit in myself for about 11 months.

There are numerous stories like this rather each individual is a story. It takes almost ten years in Pakistan for individuals to get established and be able to bear the burden of a family.  Increasing unemployment is exacerbating the brain drain; no one finds Pakistan a “Fit” place to live in. One of my colleagues made a very logical statement when I asked her to force her Son to establish his career in Pakistan. She said, “In here, Pakistan only “Needs” are fulfilled, whereas overseas “Desires” are accomplished.

(Pakistan mein sirf Zaroortain puri hoti hain jab key baharjaa key Khwahishe’n puri hoti hain)

Now, sorry to say, but from the last few years it has been becoming difficult to even fulfill the “Basic Needs” in Pakistan.

There is much to tell, much to describe but I am space bound. I just want to convey few things to the running bureaucracy and administration that for any country the real resource and asset are it “Humans”, the human capital, if organized and utilized effectively and efficiently can break the boundaries of success. But if, once this the human potential turns into aggression it can cause a serious and real “AwaamiInqilaab”. Let me state my last words in my native language:

paksitani youth

“Jab Awwami Inqilaab ataa hai to awam key hath Hukmarano key Gireybaano se hotey hoe unkey Balo’n tak ja pohnchtey han, aur jin Hukmarano key baal nahi hotey na sb se zayada Awami Ghazab ka samna bhe wohe krtey han”

Mohsina Tariq is a Academic Research Writer and Blogger 

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