Wow! Anushka Sharma’s SPECIAL birthday gift to Sultan fans revealed !!

Anushka Sharma celebrates her birthday . Yet, unlike every other birthday this one will be specific. The reason is because the celebrity will be sharing her first teaser from Sultan on her birthday.

BollywoodLife has confirmed from sources that Anushka’s teaser will be out on May 1. The following will focus on her character Aarfa and Anushka while we saw Salman Khan’s character teaser initially.

A source reveals, “ why Anushka is missing in the teaser of Sultan A lot of folks were wondering. The reason is because the production house Yash Raj Films needed to bring out separate teasers on their characters. Why there was no Anushka in the first teaser.” that’s,

Talking about the new teaser the source adds, “While Salman was focussed on by the first one and was quite remarkable and over the matter, the one with Anushka is exceptionally gritty and real. It really is going to blow everyone’s thoughts because you are going to see her in an avatar that is never before seen. It’s not just her clothes, but her dialect and body language. She’s gone all out to be sure she looks the part of a wrestler.”

So stay tuned and keep a look out and tell US what you thought of it.


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