Wikipedia edit-a-thon putting women in architecture back on the record

If you’ve searched Wikipedia for the world’s top female architects, you’d be amazed to find that many of the pages remain incomplete at best.

This  is to be remedied.On Thursday, a Wikipedia edit-a-thon hosted by art museum Guggenheim and ArchiteXX, an independent organisation for women in architecture, has plans to enhance the information available on many Wikipedia pages by writing about the contributions of female architects.

In some cases, this will mean creating new pages for notable women in architecture who  have yet to be added to the online encyclopaedia, in others it will mean fleshing out short “stub” articles.

This is the third edit-a-thon hosted by Guggenheim, with seed funding provided by the Wikipedia Foundation.

Many significant women architects have been forgotten by history.Architexx

Wikipedia itself acknowledges that the list of women in architecture is “incomplete”.

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