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Where is PAKISTAN now?

Blogger: Usama Virk

It is really disturbing to say that not even a single Pakistani has qualified for the most awaited Rio Olympics’16. Pakistan is known for giving world champions in almost every known game who have ruled the world for a long time and left their mark on their related game forever, like Jahangir Khan, The Great Gama and many more. They have left behind legacies for the world and our nation to remember. Being a sports fan,

it’s very sad to see nation like this going towards the worst in sports.

I want to share some of the great stories of great victories and sportsmen produced by this nation which could be inspiring for many young players for sure.

Jahangir khan is a name every Pakistani should remember because regardless of this fact that many Pakistanis have forgotten this legend but the world of Squash still remember him as one of the greats of all time and there’s a reason for that, he was not an ordinary player or just a GOOD but in fact you can say that he was an immortal. Won the World Open 6 times and British open 10 times which is a record and icing on the cake is that this great Pakistani has  unique record of winning straight 555 matches in a row. Yes! It is true. (Largest winning streak)

Jan sher khan remained No.1 Squash player for a decade and more than that he won 99 titles in total. Won World Open 8 times and 6 times he was British Open champion. The time when this gentleman was playing no one dared to even think of getting closer to his class and his game.

John Permel who was named as “The Fastest Human of Pakistan”; was one of the most dominated sprinters and it was not a rumor because it was acclaimed by International media. John Permel represented Pakistan with distinctions in Asian games and Commonwealth games in Edinburgh.

Abdul Khaliq J.Nehru gave him the title of “The Flying Bird of Asia”. 36 Gold, 15 Silver and 12 bronze medals are owned by this great player. He was considered as one of the fastest athletes of the world.  He represented in Asian games and Olympics with proud.

If we talk about Olympics; Pakistan ended up in semi-finals in 1952 Helsinki Olympics and it was in Men’s 4*100m relay.

In 1956 Australia Olympics Abdul Khaliq ended up in Semi Finals of Men’s 100m and Ghulam Raziq in Men’s 110m hurdle’s Semi-finals.

In the same year’s Olympics our four athletes get to the semifinals of Men’s 4*100m relay.

In 1960 Rome Olympics; Ghulam Raziq ended up in Semi-finals of Men’s 110m hurdle relay. Pakistan also gets to the semi of Men’s 4*100m relay. Pakistan was in semifinal again in Men’s 4*100 m relay in 1988 Seoul Olympics.

Obviously these achievements are not the only achievements of Pakistan in Olympic and other games. We have dominated the world of sports for a long time and there’s a long list of great occasions and achievements, all of which cannot be listed here. I’m sure after reading this every Pakistani should be thinking that why such great historic nation of sports lovers is not at that peak again and where is PAKISTAN in the world of sports other than Cricket?

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