Watan Party moves SC seeking full powers for Rangers to continue Karachi operation

LAHORE: Watan Party through its president Basim Shaukat Khan moved a petition before the Supreme Court (SC) seeking directions for free hand to Rangers to continue its operation in Karachi.

Petitioner counsel Barrister Zafarullah stated that after deployment of Rangers in the port city, there was 80 percent of improvement in law and order situation in Karachi including target killings, extortion, and spread of terrorism in Karachi and other parts of the country.

He stated that the country could not afford these kinds of activities in this economic hub of the country. He said that the corruption had also been eliminated in various government departments of the province after the ongoing operation in Karachi. He stated that the ongoing operation in Karachi had already created fear among the corrupt politicians who were not trying to put restrictions on powers of the Rangers.

The plea stated that there was dispute between federation and province over these unrestricted powers, which were being withdrawn by the provincial government under the pressure of their own high-ups. He said that there was serious dispute of jurisdiction between centre and provincial government of Sindh regarding the action and powers exercised by the Pakistan Rangers as per agreement between federation and the Sindh government over powers under section 5 of Anti-Terrorism Act 1997.

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