Waqar Younis resigns as head coach

LAHORE - Waqar Younis has resigned from his post of head coach of the national team on Monday after a meeting with Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Shahryar Khan.

“I am resigning as the head coach of Pakistan cricket team,” a visibly depressed Waqar told reporters here at the PCB headquarters.

“I want to thank everyone with whom I have worked honestly for the last 19 months. I tried my best to help all the players become a better version of themselves.”

The 44-year-old then reiterated his stance that the board was wrong in leaking his confidential report to the media while adding that his dues should be invested in the development of the Pakistani domestic cricket.

“I request the players, former and current, to take care of Pakistan cricket,” Waqar said. “My services are always available for the country,” he added.

“My contract will expire in 3 months. I would request the PCB to invest remaining five to six million rupees into domestic cricket.”

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