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Veiled Muslim woman attacked in southern France

The woman was leaving a metro station in the centre of the city when she was approached by a man who called her a terrorist, police said.
The man, who was in his 20s, then made a reference to the fact that she was wearing a hijab – a head covering worn by some Muslim women.
He then punched her in the neck and sliced her chest with what is thought to have been a box cutter, before fleeing the scene.
The woman escaped serious injury and was prescribed two days off work.
Police said that other Islamophobic attacks have surfaced in the area after Islamic extremists killed 129 people in Paris on Friday, but did not go into detail.
The city of Marseille also saw three attackers stabbing a Jewish school teacher in what investigators say was an anti-Semitic attack on Wednesday night. The assailants shouted support for Isis (Daesh) after the attack, reports say.
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