Uzair Balouch will be killed in a police encounter: Samina Uzair

Uzair balouch’s wife Samina Unzair has pleaded for justice to President, Prime Minister, CM Sindh, DG Rangers, Chief Justice of Pakistan and Army chief Gen. Raheel Sharif.

Talking exclusively to the Director Neo News Nasrullah Malik in his program “LIVE WITH NASRULLAH MALIK,” she said that those who used to call her sister has now disappeared and are now abusing her husband.

During this interview NEO NEWS transmission remained suspended across Karachi. She said that Uzair was not a successor of Rehman Dacoit. Its been 13 months when my husband was arrested from Muscat, I was with him. My husband is on hit list and I am sure he will be killed in an encounter.

She said CM Sindh & many PPP leaders were used to come to our home and meet Uzair. Uzair was a die-hard PPP activist, he was visited by PPP officials including senators. Faryal Talpur is my sister, we were used to meet her and now she is totally denying our past relations. Uzair wanted to make Lyari town peaceful, safe & secure.

When Nasrullah Malik asked her that Uzair was alleged for extortion, kidnappings and ransom so there must be something fishy and some say that the conflict between Uzair started when his request for MNA ticket was denied. Uzair’s wife replied, when he was an important pawn of PPP he was owned and loved by PPP but now he is disowned.

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