Uzair Baloch

Uzair admits sharing sensitive data with Iran intelligence

Karachi: Leader of the Lyari gang war and head of the People’s Aman Committee Uzair Baloch has confessed sharing sensitive information with the Iranian intelligence authorities. He also admitted being involved in the murder of 198 people.
According to a report, Mulla Nisar, Ustad Tajju, Sohail Dada, Shahid Bikak, Saleem, Rehan, Ahsan and Ilyas used to do the arms dealing for his gang, whereas, 14 commandos of his gang have escaped abroad and are operating in various countries including South Africa, Dubai, Oman and Iran. Superintendent Police Iqbal Bhatti was appointed as TPO Lyari on the orders of Baloch, whereas, seven Station House Officers along with eight policemen also used to work for him in Lyari.
Former Lyari administrator Mohammad Raees used to give Rs 200,000 on monthly basis to Baloch.
Former Chairman FCS Saeed Khan provided extortion worth Rs 2 million to Uzair Baloch.
Baloch had a fake passport, a fake birth certificate and a fake National Identity Card with him.
He met with Iranian intelligence agency officials and shared information with them through a person named Haji Nisar. Baloch confessed murdering 198 people including Arshad Pappu, Yasir Arafat, Shera Pathan along with 11 others in Shershah scrap market, according to the report. He also confessed murdering two Rangers officers back in 2005.
Baloch was operating 10 bank accounts under the name of his wife; the accounts had millions of rupees in them.
Meanwhile, authorities reached a major breakthrough while investigating Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park terror attack on Friday as secret agencies raided and arrested three facilitators of the attack.
The arrested suspects include two brothers Asim, Zahid and one cousin Ghaffar. All thre suspects were arrested from an under-construction maddarsa.
Intelligence agencies revealed that the suspects are involved in providing shelter to the suicide bomber and are affiliated with a religious party. They have been shifted to a disclosed location for further investigation.


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