US to provide $300,000 for Chitral flood assistance

PESHAWAR: The United States government, through the US Agency for International Development (USAID) will provide $326,000 this year to help repair the drinking water infrastructure and agricultural economy in Chitral hit by the recently flash floods, said a release of US Consulate here Friday.

“We are working to restore the provision of food and drinking water, and put people lives back on track as soon as possible,” said USAID Mission Director John Groarke. “I want the distressed families to know that the American people stand with them during these trying times.”

This week, USAID began helping repair 10 gravity-flow water supply pipelines that provide drinking water to more than 11,000 people in the Ayun union council of Chitral.

In addition, the United States government will buy 141 metric tons of wheat seed, enough to support 3,500 farming families, and help nearly 100 small businesses reopen, including 30 water mills which are essential for grinding grains.

Since 2009, the US government has contributed more than $1 billion in humanitarian assistance to Pakistan.

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