Rehman Malik

US-India agreement aimed to sabotage CPEC: Rehman Malik

ISLAMABAD: Former interior minister Rehman Malik has said that the pact between US and India was aimed at sabotaging China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

While addressing a press conference on Saturday, he underscored that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif should review the foreign policy, as all our neighbouring countries except China have turned against Pakistan on the CPEC project.

He observed that India was assisting separatists to foment chaos in Balochistan while Brahamdagh Bugti was enjoying full support from the Indian agencies with regards to disruption of peace in Balochistan.He urged the prime minister to take serous notice of the conspiracies being hatched against Pakistan and launch stern action against those behind these conspiracies.

“It has become clear, following the arrest of Indian spy from Balochistan on March 3, that India is involved in terror related activities in the province,” he remarked.Taking exception to US policies with reference to Pakistan, he said that joint declaration signed by India and US during September last year and June this year was aimed at isolating and pressuring Pakistan.

He said that the agreement reached between US and India namely ‘Logistic Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA)’ was directed against the sovereignty of Pakistan and was aimed at sabotaging the CPEC project.

“India can access US technology against Pakistan. This agreement is not acceptable to us at any cost,” he asserted. “We sought drone technology from US to break the back of terrorists during the war on terror but US never provided the technology to us. On the other hand, the US have given all this to India now, while we have acquired this technology on our own.” He stated that the parliament, media, army and political leadership would have to think over the Indo-US agreement and should hold a joint session of both the houses of parliament immediately on this count. “We will not keep a mum over this situation like the fall of Dhaka, but we will have to remain proactive,” he stressed.

He went on to say enemies of the country were targeting every organised institution, adding that forceful action was being taken against the terrorists and its scope should be extended across the country.

He underlined that if Pakistan were not made part of US-India pact, then peace would remain elusive in the region. The recent agreement reflects that US prefers India over Pakistan, despite the fact that Pakistan has rendered numerous sacrifices, more than any other country, in war against terrorism, he remarked.

About Afghanistan’s role in Balochistan, he said, “It seems to me as if East Pakistan like situation is being created in Balochistan and India is playing role of Mukti Bahni with the cooperation of Afghanistan. West is also supporting it.” Replying to the recent statements from MQM chief Altaf Hussain, he said these statements were given at the behest of India. Stern action should be taken against those giving statement against Pakistan, he demanded.

Expressing satisfaction over the steps taken by interior minister Chaudhry Nisar, Malik said he was working in right direction.

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