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US developing $1bn city ‘where no one can live’

WASHINGTON – In the arid plains of the southern New Mexico desert – between the site of the first atomic bomb test and the US-Mexico border – a new city is rising from the sand, CNN reported on TuesdayPlanned for a

population of 35,000, the city will showcase a modern business district downtown, and neat rows of terraced housing in the suburbs. It will be supplied with pristine streets, parks, malls and a church.

The CITE (Centre for Innovation, Testing and Evaluation) project is a full-scale model of an ordinary American town. Yet it will be used as a Petri dish to develop new technologies that will shape the future of the urban environment.

The $1 billion scheme – led by telecommunications and tech firm Pegasus Global Holdings – will see 15-square-miles dedicated to ambitious experiments in fields such as transport, construction, communication and security.

CITE will include specialised zones for developing new forms of agriculture, energy, and water treatment. An underground data collection network will provide detailed, real-time feedback.

“The vision is an environment where new products, services and technologies can be demonstrated and tested without disrupting everyday life,” Pegasus Managing Director Robert Brumley said.

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