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Uncertainty about schools reopening in Punjab

LAHORE: Some private schools across Punjab are still closed today, even though the Punjab government announced on Sunday that all schools public and private will open tomorrow.

Though the Punjab government on Sunday issued a notification that educational institutes would re-open, owners of some private schools have refused to accept the decision. Ambiguity continues to prevail in Punjab despite the decision taken during negotiations between the Punjab government and association of private schools.

The talks took place between Education Minister Mashood Rana and representatives of association of private schools. The government assured that it would provide adequate security to educational institutes.

Beacon House, City School, Lahore Grammar School (LGS), LACAS, Learning Alliance, Lahore Pre-School, Smart Schools, New-lands, TNS, Gymboree Play and Music and all campuses of Salamat School have refused on the reopening.

The spokesperson for the School Chains Tabraiz Bukhari has stated that the senior management will develop a framework after analyzing the government’s notification. There were some harsh exchanges between the district coordination officer (DCO) and the representatives of the schools body during the meeting and a group of the representatives left the negotiations as well. However, they were convinced to return later on.

Rana Mashood made it clear that the schools in Punjab were neither allowed to raise the fee in the name of security arrangements nor did they make any such demands. After the notification by the provincial government, leaders of Private School Association Kashif Mirza and Jawdani announced the reopening of schools.

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