UFO sighting alerts Indian Air force

DELHI:Security agencies guarding Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport have been put on high alert because of regular spotting of suspicious flying objects, Hindustan Times reported.According to Hindustan Times, the suspicious flying objects appeared thrice in and around the airport on Friday morning. The flying objects were first noticed by an air force officer early Friday.The Air Traffic Controller ATC had apparently noticed a flying object (a drone) over the runway on Tuesday too, but had no visual evidence to support its claim, the report added.The pilot of an Air Vistara flight from Bhubaneswar had complained of being distracted by a laser beam right while landing on Wednesday night. The lives of hundreds of passengers were put at risk as a result.

The pilot claimed that he was six nautical miles away from runway when he observed the laser beam, which distracted him, the report said.“A member of Indian Air Force (IAF) sits at the ATC tower of Delhi airport. At 10:44am on Friday, he first noticed a flying object over runway 9-27, the smallest runway of Delhi airport. He reported two more objects at 10:50am and 10:55am, flying outside the airport boundary. On Tuesday, an ATC staff had claimed of having spotted a drone-like object but could not support his claim with any evidence. This time also, we do not have any evidence. But this is alarming,” the report quoted an airport official as saying.Hindustan Times also said that the IAF even pressed a chopper into action to check the flying object. But the helicopter could not find anything.


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