Uber is all set to hit the roads in Lahore

World’s famous taxi app company Uber is all set to launch in Pakistan, starting from Lahore.Communications manager of Uber’s Middle East and Africa operations, Shaden Abdellatif said in this regard:

“We can confirm we are currently recruiting for a team in Lahore, and are very excited about launching in Pakistan as we see huge potential in the way we can help people move around their city safely and reliably.”

“We are also excited about the opportunity for economic empowerment we can bring to the drivers we partner with,” added the manager.

Earlier, it was hinted when the company listed new jobs on Uber’s Career Listings that the world’s leading taxi app is now about to hit the roads in Pakistan. As they need employees to enter in new market, the company is looking for a General, Marketing Operations & Logistics Manager, initially, in the city of Lahore.


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