honour killing

Two sisters killed for ‘honour’ in Lahore

LAHORE: A man killed his two sisters on the eve of their weddings in central Punjab, police said on Saturday, in the latest case of so-called “honour” killings in Pakistan.

Kosar and Gulzar Bibi, aged 22 and 28, were shot dead by 35-year-old brother Nasir Hussain on Friday as they prepared to marry men they had chosen themselves, senior police officer Mehar Riaz told AFP. Hussain objected to the love matches and had wanted the women to marry someone within the extended family, he said.

“The brother shot dead both the sisters yesterday and fled the site,” the officer said, adding that a search was underway. “It is a simple case of killing for honour,” he said. Punjab DIG to investigate British woman’s suspected ‘honour killing’ Father of the family Atta Mohammad told reporters that Hussain had “destroyed everything”. He ruined my family, he destroyed us, he destroyed everything” Mohammad said.

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