Two killed in sword attack on Sweden school

TROLLHDTTAN, Sweden – A masked man brandishing a sword killed a teacher and a student and seriously wounded two other people at a school in Sweden on Thursday before being shot and killed.Pictures taken by students and circulating in the media showed the assailant wearing black clothes and a Darth Vader-like mask, with school children initially thinking it was a prank or a Halloween costume.The attacker – who went from classroom to classroom, struck at a school for six to 15-year-olds in the southwestern town of Trollhattan – shocking a nation where such violence is rare.One teacher was found dead at the school – described in the media as a “problem school” – while a second victim and the assailant died in hospital several hours later.

Police investigator Thord Haraldsson confirmed the second victim was a young male student. “The assailant knocked on two classroom doors and he attacked the two students who opened the doors,” he said.Hospital staff had previously confirmed that two boys, aged 11 and 15, were in critical condition with stab wounds, while another teacher who was seriously wounded in the attack was also undergoing surgery.

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