Turkey PM: Syria no-fly zone needed

Ahmet Davutoglu said he would work with the US to establish a “safe area” for people displaced by Syria’s conflict.Mr Davutoglu did not rule out sending Turkish troops in to protect the area.Turkey is home to more Syrian refugees than any other country – more than 1.8 million according to recent UN figures.In a wide-ranging interview with the BBC’s Jeremy Bowen, Mr Davutoglu called on the international community to do more to resolve the four-year conflict in Syria and denied that Turkey had helped so-called Islamic State and other extremist groups.He criticised the five permanent members of the UN Security Council for failing to make a “strong decision” to stop the atrocities in Syria.Asked whether Turkey was doing enough to prevent the large numbers of migrants reaching Europe though his country, he said it was the responsibility of the international community to stem the flow of migrants by bringing the four-year conflict in Syria to an end.Despite not ruling out the use of Turkish ground troops, Mr Davutoglu said he preferred to strengthen Syria’s moderate opposition.”If there is enough power of moderate forces in Syria, there will not be any necessity for other countries including Turkey to send any ground troops,” he saidTurkey’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu argues that the bloodshed in Syria is still out of control because of a simple fact of international life: the five permanent members of the UN Security Council are paralysed when it comes to dealing with Syria’s war. They haven’t been able to agree a single course of action.When he was foreign minister, Mr Davutoglu was praised for a policy based on the idea that Turkey should have no problems with its neighbours. But the collapse of much of the Middle East into violence means the Turks face challenges wherever they look.They are struggling most with fall-out from the Syrian war, in which Turkey is deeply involved. The war has converged with the much older fault line between the Turkish state and Kurdish separatists. It’s another example of how the Syrian war is making existing problems much worse.

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