Turkey envoy

Turkey asks Pakistan to shut down Gulen-run institutions in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Following the failed coup in Turkey, President Tayyip Erdogan’s government has called on all friendly countries to prevent activities of Fethullah Gulen’s network.

Turkish Ambassador Sadik Babur Girgin told journalists in Islamabad on Friday that Ankara has asked “all friendly countries to prevent activities of this (Gulen’s) group,” adding the government had solid proof Gulen’s affiliates were behind the failed coup.

Gulen’s network is operating 21 schools and the Rumi Forum in Pakistan along with other business operations as well. These entities have been operating in Pakistan for decades.

Ambadssador Gulen said Ankara was in contact with Pakistani authorities regarding Gulen’s network’s presence in Pakistan.

Citing sources local media reported on Saturday that Islamabad was considering options to take action against Gulen-linked institutions.

During the meeting with journalists in Islamabad, Girgin confirmed that Ankara was seeking Fethullah Gulen’s extradition from the Unites States.

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