Time to Move on, Bahamas Leaks take Panama Leaks to the next level

ISLAMABAD:While Pakistan has been struggling to investigate the Panamagate scandal for the last six months, a cache of fresh leaked documents reveals more Pakistani companies registered in the Caribbean tax haven of Bahamas.

According to media reports, among those named in the Bahamas documents include Jibran Khan, the son of Mohammad Naseer Khan, a former health minister of Pervez Musharraf government; former Senator Professor Khurshid Ahmed; Mohsin Abu Bakar Sheikhani, a tycoon of the construction industry; and Tehmina Durrani’s mother Samina Durrani.

Obaid Altaf Khanani, son of money-changer Altaf Khanani also reportedly owns offshore companies in Bahamas.The Bahamas is a constellation of 700 islands, many smaller than a square mile. It is one of a handful of micro nations south of the United States whose confidentiality laws and reluctance to share information with foreign governments gave rise to the term “Caribbean curtain.”


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