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Theories of Modern Love

BLOG BY: Rukhshan Mir


Have you ever been in love? I’m not talking about the love you share with your parents, siblings or any other family members, but I’m talking about the love or attraction you feel towards another gender. The feeling of attraction that you have towards a specific person due to any possible reason, their looks, their personality or whatsoever, that’s the love I’m talking about.

As the information communication technology has changed the World, It has changed our way of thinking, our perception and even our ways of communication and greetings. When there were no smart phones and internet connections, people actually used to go to another person’s place of wish them a happy birthday or sent out greeting postcards and stuff like that But now people just greet or wish each other through posting on their timeline and most of the time, it’s just formality.

New sources of communication and modernization have evolved new theories and new ways have been made. Being a student of philosophy and modern poetry,

I have hypothesized, experimented and finally emerged “THEORIES OF MODERN LOVE”. And I want to share some of the theories with you.

fall in love

IRON THEORY OF LOVE: You must have an iron at your place with which you press your clothes, You will never wonder that upon buying a new iron machine you set the temperature of your iron and you press your clothes on the same temperature you have set at the first time, Neither up nor down. If you’re pressing your clothes on temperature 4, you can’t press it well on temperature 3 or 2 because it’s the specification of the iron machine that on which temperature it’s been set, It will work accurately on that. The same case is with the lovers.

Every lover has it’s own level of love and affection,

some people are just satisfied by one phone while some have feelings of satisfaction by taking their significant other to some restaurant on a date and have long walks on the beach or holding hands.

SMS Theory of Love: It’s experimented that a guy or a girl who developed a routine to text someone at late nights has developed a habit of texting , When they are free suddenly their hands go into their pockets and they get their mobile phones and text someone

“KYA KAR RAHEY HO” or “THANA THAA LIYA” and what ever.

It has been tested that if the people who are used to text all the time break up with the people who they text all the time or don’t get a hold of those people, will eventually find someone else to text because they get satisfaction from texting, this is the MODERN THEORY OF LOVE THROUGH SMS.

Touch Theory of Love: As I am a student of co-education and there is a normal thing that girls and boys are sitting in the cafeteria and in the gardens, you will often observe that boys without any reason push the girls or hit them with their notebooks and bags and the girls do the same. They openly touch each other without any discomfort.

In modern love this touching is the symbol of love.

People around you will make sure that you’re in love with the person you are touching without any reason.

Value addition Theory of Love: This is the new theory of love in which the person who seems to be in love with the other will do anything to satisfy their significant other and perform all those activities that their partner likes or claims to like. For Example: If a girl says she would marry a person who is a sportsman, so the boy would start playing sports in order to satisfy the girl. This theory is very much practiced by the new generation.

Note: Further Modern theories are in making, I will share in the blogspot part 2.

Rukhshan Mir is a Blogger, writing columns on political and social issues as well He is Student of Journalism in a private university. And has won many elocution.Rukhshan meer final copy

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