Texas girl sneezes 12,000 times a day

A twelve-year-old girl from Angleton Texas is reported to suffer from an unknown disease that makes her sneeze constantly.  This started a month ago and has not stopped since.  She is said to sneeze around 20 times per minute, making her sneeze around 12,000 on a daily basis.  The poor child is not able to enjoy a childhood like any other kids her age.

As reported in ABC7, Katelyn Thornley suffered little spurts that now lasted for more than 22 days.  “I just am constantly in pain with, you know, my abdomen and my legs are hurting because I’ve been weak and I can barely eat,” Katelyn described. “It’s not fun at all.”

As reported in Oddity Central, the mysterious disease started about three weeks ago just right after she finished her clarinet lesson.  “I just started in little spurts, sneezing,” Katelyn explained. “I thought it was like, I’m allergic to something or didn’t wash out my mouthpiece the right way.” But it soon turned into something a lot worse.  She now suffers about 20 sneezes a minute all day long, making it difficult for her to do anything at all.

Things have really turned worse as Katelyn has stopped attending school and clarinet lessons.  Her parents and doctors are doing all efforts to find the cure.  The parents have already consulted six physicians so far however none could offer an explanation or cure.  They have ruled out allergies and viruses.  Some of the doctors believe that this could be a stress-related reaction by the body.  Others thing it could be a strange nervous tick.

Meanwhile, all medications prescribed to her were all futile.  None of them worked so far.  They even tried letting her listen to the Beetles hoping it will calm her.   The only time that she would stop sneezing is when she sleeps after taking Benadryl.  On her waking moment, she sneezes all the time.

“It’s hard to watch,” Katelyn’s father said. “Anything you talk to her about that irritates her – you can see it spike and continuous sneezing. It’s easy to trigger.”  “We’d love for this to lead to something,” her mother added. “I mean it’s just so rare and difficult.”

Katelyn tries hard to be positive about her sneezing up to 12,000 times in a day however she admits it’s getting difficult.   “Sometimes I wish I could leave my body for a little while so I could watch myself sleep and be at peace because even in my dreams, I sneeze,” she said.”


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