Terrorism a regional, national and global phenomena, says Ghani

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani inaugurated the Heart of Asia-Istanbul Process Ministerial Conference in Islamabad on Wednesday.

While extending his gratitude to PM Nawaz and the people of Pakistan, Ashraf Ghani said it is “important to name all the problems the region is facing, in terms of terrorism and corruption.”

“Our children have been murdered while playing in fields, our women have been murdered while going shopping or to schools, our hospitals and mosques have bee attacked, and terrorism has now become a regional, national and global phenomenon,” he said.

“Despite these viscous attacks, our will is strong and our security fores will do everything to deal with terrorism.”

“Al Qaeda, Da’ish, terrorists from Russia, Uzbekistan, the Middle East and beyond; are all present on our soil,” he said.

Further, Ghani questioned the nature of terrorism while urging for a long-term solution to eradicating terrorism. “What is the nature of the Taliban and how so we deal with it?” he questioned, adding that “it is problem which requires us to work on it systematically.”

The Afghan president extended his gratitude to US President Obama, European leaders and other governments who have supported Afghanistan’s mission and supported its security forces.

“On behalf of my people I thank you all,” he said

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