Terror plot aimed at Indonesia foiled

Canberra:Australian intelligence has helped neutralise an ISIS-inspired terror plot in Indonesia and the two governments have agreed to work in closer co-operation to stop radicalism in the region.Nine people are being interrogated after raids in five Indonesian cities prompted by intelligence from Australia, the US and Singapore.Indonesia’s National Police chief General Badrodin Haiti wouldn’t confirm reports the network planned to attack Shia communities and had groomed a suicide bomber to attack New Year’s Eve celebrations in Jakarta.They were using the code word ‘concert’ and chemicals were seized, but the details of their plot were not fully known.’It could be a single (attack), it could be massive, it could be a series, certainly it depends on their preparation and readiness,’ Gen Haiti told reporters in Jakarta.Police officers and the national police headquarters were among their targets he said, as well as ‘vital objects’ – buildings or infrastructure – which he wouldn’t name.He urged people to keep their Christmas festivities low key: ‘not too merry, not too excessive – please celebrate it simply’.

Gen Haiti’s comments followed the first Indonesia-Australia Ministerial Council on Law and Security, which brought together ministers, and the national police and intelligence bodies.Indonesia and Australia agreed to form joint working parties to enhance co-operation on cyber crime, intelligence sharing, investigating terrorism financing, Attorney General George Brandis said.’It’s the purpose of today’s meeting to deepen and strengthen what is already a strong relationship,’ he said.’That relationship at a policing level does include where appropriate the exchange of relevant criminal intelligence.’Indonesia’s Co-ordinating Minister for Security Luhut Panjaitan also wouldn’t detail the nature of intelligence shared.He was confident authorities now had ‘intensive, detailed intelligence’ about the possibility of an attack in the near future.’No country’s immune from a terrorist attack but I can assure you we are working very hard to tackle the terrorist issue and so far we are successful to do so.’

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