Teachers protest against biometric verification, 25 arrested

Karachi – Police today baton-charged and arrested 25 teachers who were trying to stage sit-in outside the chief minister house against the process of biometric verification of teachers in the province.The teachers from interior Sindh gathered outside Karachi Press Club and then marched towards the Chief Minister House but were intercepted by police that fired tear gas shells and baton charged them. The police arrested 25 of the teachers and shifted them to a nearby police station.The teachers succeeded in reaching the chief minister house and staged a sit-in there, demanding for immediate removal of the secretary education Fazlullah Pechuhu. They said the teachers were not against biometric system and claimed that the current process was insulting towards them.

“Several teachers were declared ghost and were deprived of their salaries creating problems for their families,” they said adding that administrative powers of education department were given to district officials that had collapsed education system in the interior Sindh.They also vowed to continue their protest unless the education secretary is removed and pay off the salaries of teachers whose salaries had been stopped.Senior Information and Education Minister Nisar Khuhro said that they do not believe in torturing teachers and will listen to their grievances and try to resolve their just demands.“Every Pakistani has a right to protest, however, crossing red zone was not appropriate step by the teachers,” he said adding that the arrested teachers would be released.


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