Taylor Swift lets 70-year-old actors use Shake It Off

It’s a play about 17-year-olds on the last day of school, with a cast of 70-year-olds.

It was supposed to include Taylor Swift’s hit Shake It Off.

Despite rehearsing to the track, the Belvoir Street Theatre in Sydney, Australia hadn’t been given permission to use it as opening night approached.

After a “very kind of technical, legal process, with multiple publishers, managers and agents involved” the answer was… no.

So the cast and crew of Seventeen reached out to Taylor Swift herself to save the day.

Seventeen is a play that stars a group of veteran Australian actors who “play a group of teenagers (!) drinking, singing, dancing, gabbling, worrying and maybe even pashing (!!) their way through their last night of childhood and their first night of adulthood.”

Taylor’s song is said to be an important part of the story – the play’s director said it’s “a really iconic pop track that speaks to 2015″.

In desperation the theatre began tweeting anyone who might be able to get a message to the singer.

They tried record company bosses, politicians, even Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe.

The Australian musician and comedian Tim Minchin asked Ed Sheeran to put in a good word.

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