Target killers linked to MQM arrested in Karachi, Rangers say

KARACHI (Neo web Desk) Rangers conducted a surgical action in Ranchore Line area on Monday and arrested six alleged target killers having reported ties with Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), said Rangers spokesperson.Huge cache of weapons was also recovered from the possession of alleged MQM workers dubbed target killers by Sindh Rangers.The spokesman then went on to give details of the arrested suspects.Khurram alias Muchar, unit in-charge MQM unit 28, was arrested over charges of involvement in extortion, dumping of weapons and target killings.Mahmood, an active worker of MQM unit 20, who has already confessed to murdering 47 people when he was arrested earlier in November 2014, was arrested on charges of kidnapping and torture.Rangers also arrested Shahid alias Kala, an active worker of MQM unit 31, who had earlier confessed six murders during initial interrogation when he was arrested in September 2014. Shahid was currently on bail.Mubin, the committee member of MQM unit 20, also faced arrest as he had confessed to numerous target killings, extortion, arson, rioting and other heinous crimes when he was earlier arrested in May 2013.Zubair alias Handi, worker of Ranchore Line Sector , was arrested over his alleged involvement in armed clashes, rioting, murders after kidnapping, cash van robbery — during which two guards were killed in Azizabad in 2013 — and extortion.The sixth suspect arrested by Rangers was Kashif alias Macha, worker of MQM unit 30, involved in target killings and extortion.In addition to giving details about the arrested suspects, Rangers spokesperson also gave details about the huge cache of weapons that was recovered from the possession of alleged MQM workers.Fourteen SMGs (along with 120 rounds), five 12-bore repeaters (along with 45 cartridges), six 30-bore pistols (along with 110 rounds), two 30-bore mousers, one 44-bore rifle, one MP5, one 9mm pistol (with 82 rounds), two LMGs along with 250 rounds of ammunition, 32 awan bombs, five kg of explosives and two grenades were recovered by Rangers.Karachi Corps Commander Lt Gen Naveed Mukhtar on Friday had reiterated his trust in Rangers and other law enforcement agencies , which he said, was “apolitical, indiscriminate and free of any compromise” aimed at bringing the violence-hit city back to normality.“Karachi operation is apolitical. It is indiscriminate and free of any compromise and pressure. Terrorists, their aides and facilitators are targets of the operation. We will not leave any stone unturned to achieve these targets,” he had said.Meanwhile, the MQM has also appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan and the chief justice of the Sindh High Court to take immediate notice of the statements of the Rangers because they admitted that they were arresting MQM office-bearers only because of their affiliation with the party.“Under which section of law or clause of the Constitution becoming an MQM member is a crime?” asked the MQM. “Arresting a person on the basis of this pretext is nothing but mocking the law and the Constitution.”

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