Supply-Constrained Apple Pencil Now Available At Select Best Buy Outlets

Apple Insider reports that Apple Inc has now decided to make its Apple Pencil available at third party retailer, Best Buy. Interested users can visit Best Buy outlets for the new Apple offering since it is currently unavailable for online orders.The Apple Stylus and new smart-keyboard for the iPad Pro have been facing some availability issues of late. Since Apple seems to be struggling with its stock at its own stores after the launch of the stylus last week, bringing it to Best Buy may calm down agitated iPad users. After launching the iPad Pro in September, this may be seen as some sort of damage control on Apple’s part to pacify its customers.The company’s keen interest in Best Buy has been pretty evident since the start of 2015. Apple decided to make its Apple Watch available at the retailer shortly after its debut, starting a new pattern of constant collaboration between Apple and third-party retailers. Following this, the iPhone maker has slowly expanded a range of its variants to the platform including its fourth generation Apple TV, AppleCare warranties, its watch bands, and more.

Apple’s latest step to integrate its variants into a third-party retailer is expected to boost sales from multiple platforms. Since the company seems to be facing some shortage of supply for the new Stylus, the switch-over to another retailer is an indication of Apple’s constant efforts to cater to its client base.

Similarly, keeping in mind that Best Buy also decided to give a discount on Apple Watch shortly after its availability at its outlets, there are chances that the retailer may soon add the smart-keyboard alongside the Apple Pencil at a discounted rate at some point. This is not only a promotional campaign for Apple, but also a smart step taken by Best Buy to partner up with one of the most successful tech giants in the world and integrate its line of products with its platform.

It is highly possible that the availability of the new Apple Pencil for the latest iPad Pro is just another step towards strengthening relations with Best Buy for future ventures. However, it would probably make more sense for Apple to focus on updating its stock at its own stores rather than expanding to third-party retailers before its customers decide to opt for third-party merchandise.


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