Stranded elephants rescued from water tank

Helicopters and diggers were used in China by rescuers to free three wild Elephants including a calf, from a water tanks.The two day stranded family of three elephants must have fallen rescuing the little calf, which was perhaps fallen inside a concrete basin just a few meters wide.


Pictures released by state media shows the trio languishing in muddy waters with their trunks raised to breathe, with the baby submerged up to its eyes.

More than a dozen wild elephants soon surrounded the tank, becoming agitated after repeated attempts to pull out their companions using their trunks.


It took a tough half hour labour and a slight injury on an elephant’s eye before the basin was broken by firecrackers and helicopters used by the rescuers

Asian elephants are first-class national protected animals in China, but poaching has caused their numbers to dwindle to about 300 in the wild.

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