SSGC plans expansion projects in Karachi

KARACHI: Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) has planned a number of projects in the future, as part of its network expansion and rehabilitation strategy, a statement said.

These include pipeline expansion from Kathore to Surjani Town in Karachi to increase system capacity of the en route areas, including the tail-end of Site area, it said.

At the same time, the company is planning to increase system capacity of the industrial network between Korangi and Landhi through pipeline expansion.

Another project, which is planned to be carried out soon, is the pipeline expansion from DHA Desalination Plant up to Clifton’s Dolmen Mall in order to increase the system pressure of the tail-end customers, the statement said.

With the advent of winter season, the demand for natural gas increases substantially across Sindh, especially Karachi. Last year, in the entire Sindh, the demand was 1,300mmcfd that has risen to 1,450mmcfd this year; hence, resulting in a shortfall of 150mmcfd, it said.  Similarly, the demand for gas in Karachi has increased from 800mmcfd to 900mmcfd, causing a gap of 100mmcfd.

Since the last couple of weeks, SSGC has been receiving complaints of low gas supply and pressure from domestic customers residing in old city areas, Lyari, Kharadar, DHA, Clifton and II Chundrigar Road.

At the same time, industrial units, especially those located at the tail-end of Site industrial area have been complaining of low pressure.

“It must be understood that low pressure is a normal phenomenon in winter seasons, but in order to alleviate the suffering of the customers, the company has been implementing the ECC  approved “Gas Load Management Plan” in across-the-board distribution of gas,” the statement said.  The rationalisation gives first preference to the domestic customers; followed by industrial, commercial and CNG sectors. SSGC is practically implementing the load management plan by suspending gas supplies to industrial units every Sunday and closing down supplies to CNG outlets at least three days a week, it said.

“These steps help build the line pack situation necessary to maintain gas pressure for the rest of the week,” the statement added.

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