Spellbinding performances on last day of Sufi festival

Rafi Peer Theater Workshop’s three-day Mystic Music Sufi Festival, an extravaganza of lights, colors and melodies, ended with an uproar of applauds amid cheers and excited dances by the highly charged youth in the amphitheater of Alhamra Cultural Complex on Sunday night.

The Mystic Music Sufi Festival remains a living testimony to the fact that Pakistan has a great musical treasure and a unique tradition of love, peace and human values in the form of our great Sufi‘s poetry. The Sufi Festival has been a much awaited mega event by music lovers and the general public alike. With its start on Friday at 7pm, the lively-hearted people of  the provincial capital converged on  the venue like bees to have an hours long experience , packed with unspeakable joy .

The closing night’s lineup included spellbinding performances by renowned Dholi  Shaukat Dholia, Wahdat Ramaz, Sher Miandad Qawwals and the world renowned Sufi singer Abida Parveen , the mega star of the show. Despite the cold weather, a very large number of people belonging to all ages and tastes and various walks of life poured into the open air theatre of Alhamra Cultural Complex, Qaddafi Stadium.

The small amphitheater was filled to its brim even much before the show actually started at  7.30.

The Rafi Peer Theatre’s dedicated team, including Sadaan , Aleena, Tasneem , Imran, Salman and Yamani Peerzada and  dozens of young volunteers from various educational institutions, made tremendous efforts to bring back the lights of Lahore and it was clearly seen  that they succeeded in performing this Herculean task.


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