Sindh Assembly arms

Speaker Sindh Assembly takes notice of security breach

KARACHI – The security officials on Friday arrested a person who entered the Sindh Assembly building during session along with ammunition.

According to initial reports, anchor of a local TV channel, carrying a pistol ‘easily’ entered inside the assembly building without security checking.

During the session, Iqrar asked his crew member to unveil the pistol and showed it to Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani, thus stirring up a debate in the House.

Durrani ruled that no one including journalists would be allowed to enter the assembly without undergoing security check from this point on.

His order was followed by detention of Iqrar and his team as security personnel at the Sindh Assembly encircled the anchor and took him out of the hall. He was later arrested by the police and was moved to Arambagh Police Station.


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