Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy punched in face at campaign event in Galicia

A teenager punched the Spanish Prime Minister in the face while he was campaigning in his home region of Galicia.

Mariano Rajoy was speaking to voters ahead of Sunday’s general election when a youth standing next to him punched the left side of the politician’s face.

Mr Rajoy’s glasses were knocked off and he fell to the ground from the impact.

Spanish media have stated the assailant was aged 17 and video of the aftermath showed him being taken away in handcuffs by security guards.

spain 2

A People’s Party spokesperson said the 60-year-old was left unhurt by the incident in Pontevedra but he was later spotted with a long red mark on his face.

Mr Rajoy later said on Twitter: ‘I am fine, on my way to a rally in La Coruna. Let’s carry on constructing a serious Spain.’

According to polls, the ruling People’s Party is expected to win the election but without retaining their majority thanks to a series of unpopular austerity cuts and tax hikes.

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