Son kills father on jinn’s orders in Sharjah

The Sharjah Public Prosecution is investigating the murder of a Sudanese man by his 17-year-old son. Osama, the son, allegedly killed the father as per orders from ‘jinn and satan,’ reported Khaleej Times.

The murder happened on November 14, at around 1am at the father’s office in Qasimiya. The body was later shifted to Kuwaiti hospital at around 3am.

The police investigation showed that the son who was living in the US was mentally ill and was brought back to the UAE by the father. The father then brought a faith healer from Sudan to treat the son. The father also kept away the son’s passport. The day the faith healer left, he told the father that the son was much better. But unfortunately, the crime happened the same night. After dropping the faith healer, the father and son entered the father’s office in the same building as their house. And before the father could switch on the light, the suspect, allegedly, hit the father on his head with a fire extinguisher. The father was badly hurt and he was shifted to his house by his daughter and another relative. He was then moved to Kuwaiti Hospital, but he succumbed to his injuries before he could reach there.

During interrogation, the son told the police that a jinn had ordered him to kill his father. The jinn also promised to retrieve his passport from the father’s custody and travel with him to the US. The son claimed that he was not aware of what he had done. All he could remember was the jinn ordering him to kill his father.

The son has been detained at Al Gharb police station in an isolated cell where he is allegedly showing signs of mental illness. He also told the police that while he was in the US he worshipped satan.

The public prosecution will bring the suspect before a psychiatrist.

The body of the 50-year-old father, Yousuf Ahmed, who had his own business, will be handed over to the family after completion of legal procedures.

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