Smartphones may dangerous for users

Latest research proves that smartphone light is dangerous for users. Regrettably, the world in which we live today is much addictive to such devices. The smartphone companies have ignored all the reports researchers give them regarding the issue. The light from the smartphones is dangerous to the brain and other body parts. It is essential that the information is brought to the attention of the smartphone users. Some of the effects have long-term effects on the body and the brain.

Effects on the Eyes

The blue lights on the phones affect eyesight. It is the frequent of the phones at night that increase the risk for eyesight problems. Too much exposure to the blue light can result in eye strain and dryness. Altogether, the light could cause damages to your retina and consequently lead to impaired vision or even worse blindness.


The blue light from the smartphones causes confusion in the brain, tricking it to remain awake. When the hormone melatonin production reduces or stops, it becomes harder to sleep. People who have less sleep have issues with productivity the next day. Getting used to using the phones in the night is dangerous and harmful as it may cause the building of neurotoxins that make it harder to sleep.

Poor Memory, Concentration, and Depression

Sleep disruption by the rays makes it difficult to remember simple things. In other words, insufficient sleep impairs your memory. In addition, concentration is hard the next morning. The effects of memory loss can be long term if the behavior of using the smartphones continues.

Confusing the Brain

The blue-violet light the smartphones produce is very strong. It is strong enough to manipulate and confuse the brain. The brain tends to remain awake and, therefore, prevent the production of the hormone responsible for sleep.

Cancer Risks and Infertility

Study indicate that more smartphones models are on the way to the market. The gadgets, however, increase the risks to cancer. They are linked to UV rays. The exposure to the light can also cause cancer including prostate and breast cancers. The Rays are still linked to infertility in men.

Smartphones have increased risks for brain and other health problems. All companies need to have mitigated measures to reduce the impacts of these effects and impacts. Unfortunately, the information is unknown to the mobile phone users. There is the need to make people informed about the effects the increased use of the phones causes.

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