Small internet device

You’ve probably heard all about the Internet of Things and how it’s going to change your life, but many people haven’t experienced any smart devices for their home yet.

CubeSensors is an interesting way to get your toes wet with the Internet of Things. The company offers tiny standalone sensors that you can distribute throughout your home to get insight into the health of various metrics like the air quality and light levels.

The sensors are small rechargeable cubes unsurprisingly  that you distribute in each room of your house. The starter pack comes with two sensors, but you can get up to six for larger homes.

A base station is connected directly to your router via ethernet, which your cubes connect to, rather than using your existing WiFi connection. Setting up the cubes themselves takes a few minutes using a laptop to activate and name which cube belongs to each room.

Once set up, you can visit CubeSensors’ website to get the status of your home from anywhere. There’s no mobile app, which is a bit disappointing, but the site’s dashboard presents data in an easy to read way that works on your phone too.

On the main screen, you get a quick, cute overview of which sensors are ‘happy’ and which aren’t quite so good. When you open each individual sensor, a quick overview shows which metrics are within acceptable levels and which need attention.


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