Six-year-old Pakistani girl falls to death in Sharjah

A six-year-old Pakistani girl fell to her death from the 15th floor of a tower in Al Taawun area in Sharjah. The police said the girl landed in the balcony of an apartment in the first floor of the building and died in the spot.

The incident happened on Sunday when the girl’s mother went downstairs to drop the girl’s brother to the school bus. The girl tried to watch her mother down from the window of her apartment and then fell to death.

A police source said they received a call in the morning about the incident and immediately arrived at the site where they found the girl in a pool of blood.

The police ambulance rushed the girl to Al Qassimi hospital and then to the forensic laboratory. Police launched an investigation and is interrogating the girl’s family to determine the cause of death.

Police have urged the residents living in high-rise buildings to ensure that balconies and windows are not left open when children are around.

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