Sindhi language on Google translate

KARACHI – Due to the efforts of Program Managementand Implementation Unit of Sindh Basic Education Programme, Sindhi language has attained status of translatable language in 102 international languages of the world on Google translate.

This was stated by Program Director Tameezudin Khero here on Tuesday. Khero said that the Education and Literacy Department of the Sindh which is administrative department of Sindh Basic Education programme has performed this outstanding job on behalf of the government of Sindh and added that this was great news for the languages lovers all around the world and Pakistan.

He said that the government of Sindh has achieved another milestone in service of the people of Sindh adding that the Sindh Basic Education programme Management unit takes special pride In accomplishing this national task as now translation from Sindhi to English, French, Chinese, Arabic and many other languages and vice versa is possible.

“This will also make Sindhi language a language of international commerce and trade transfer of knowledge among the languages of globe,” Khero said.

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