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Sindh to get 5,000MW from CPEC

ISLAMABAD: The Senate Standing Committee was briefed on various issued on Tuesday, including tenders for transmission lines, Thar Coal project and Faisalabad Electric Supply Company’s (Fesco) overbilling issue. Additionally, the committee was also apprised that 5,000 megawatts (MW) power projects would be set in Sindh alone under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Water and Power Secretary Younis Daga apprised the committee that Thar Coal is the future of Pakistan. “The country’s energy security will depend on Thar Coal.” He said that the government was fully cognisant of Thar Coal and hence, it was made part of the CPEC. He said that the Chinese financiers have also agreed to double the capacity of 660MW power plant that was being set-up in Thar to 1,320 MW.

Furthermore, Younis said that a separate power plant of 660MW was also being set up with the assistance of UK-based company.

The secretary said that tenders have already been floated for laying the new transmission line to fully utilise electricity generated from Thar Coal power projects and ground breaking of the transmission line was likely to be next month. Younis told the panel that a separate transmission line would also be laid to channel 4,000MW electricity. He said that by 2020, Pakistan would have an energy surplus.

Regarding news over ban on new wind and solar power projects, the secretary said that there was no ban on setting up wind or solar power projects.


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