Pakistani rangers guard the Sunni group

Sindh Rangers demand own ‘police stations’

Pakistan’s Sindh Rangers Director General Maj. Gen. Bilal Akbar has urged the Supreme Court to allow the paramilitary force to set up its own ‘police stations’ as he took a swipe at the police for its poor investigation.

Presenting a progress report before the court at its Karachi registry, the Rangers DG said that between September 2013 and March 4, 2016, the paramilitary force had arrested 5,096 suspects who had been handed over to the police for prosecution, reports Dawn.

Maj. Gen. Akbar blamed the government’s frequent transfer policy as one of the causes for the police’s lack-lustre performances.

He pointed out that investigation officers are changed frequently at five police stations tasked with handling cases brought by Rangers.

Further, he lamented the quality of recruits within the police system which led to poor investigation of cases.

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