Sindh police arrest shopkeeper selling shoes with ‘Om’ inscribed on them

AMRITSAR: Following outburst of anger among minority Hindu community of Pakistan, police arrested a shopkeeper selling shoes with sacred religious word ‘Om’ inscribed on it .

Patron-in-chief, Pakistan Hindu Council (PHC), Ramesh Kumar Vankwani told TOI on Monday evening that Sanghar police in Sindh had arrested shopkeeper Jahanzab in Tando Adam Khan and had registered a case under section 295 PPC against him.

He informed that some of the shopkeepers in Tando Adam Khan were deliberately selling shoes inscribed with ‘Om’ on the occasion of Eid ul Azha to bring insult to Hindu community.

“The shopkeeper was arrested and the stock of shoes in question have also been confiscated” said Vankwani adding that during investigations police found that objectionable shoes were purchased from “Naeem Footwear”, based in Moti Bazar, Lahore.

“We have now approached Punjab police for taking action against the manufacturer of the shoes in Lahore,” he said.

 Expressing gratitude towards police, he said the incident had the potential to inflame religious sentiments of Hindu community across the country and on international level as well
PHC president who is also Member of National Assembly said that Maryam Nawaz, daughter of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had expressed concern over blasphemous act when PHC aggressively took up the issue . “She said that such an actions were unacceptable in Pakistan” said Vankwani.
He informed that their drive got impetus when they put the photographs of objectionable shoes on social networking sites attracting condemnation and criticism from around the world.
While stating that it was un-ethical and highly immoral to insult any religion especially that of minority community, Hindu leader demanded “The state must play the proactive role for punishing the culprits under the blasphemy laws”. He said he had also urged Sharif to take strict action against such disrespectful crime.

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