Sindh govt distorting Karachi operation just for one person: Ch Nisar

Islamabad:Federal Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar said Sindh government is trying to distort Karachi Operation just because of one person, Neo Tv covered. “The operation has been ongoing for the last 2.5 years and they never complained about it. But now they are trying to make it controversial, “he stated.While addressing a press conference, Nisar said Karachi operation started with the consensus of all political parties. “Even MQM has apprehensions on the operation but they are in favor of it being continued,” the minister said. “I don’t know what relations Sindh government have with this one particular person but please don’t try to demoralize the Rangers.They have sacrificed a lot for Karachi,” he added. “People of Karachi and Pakistan have witnessed the performance of Rangers in Karachi and they support it wholeheartedly,” Nisar added. “Rangers are without any authority for the past 2-3 weeks and this increases the dangers for them,” the minister told the press. “

Rangers are not doing work for any political party rather they are performing a national duty,” he pointed out. The minister further said if blame game does not finish soon, he will have to present written evidences like JTI report and video evidences.

“It will show who is in favor and who is against the operation,” he said. “I have never spoken on the issue but now enough is enough. I have to speak out for the Rangers,” he exclaimed. “Rangers have completely transformed Karachi. There is a huge difference in Karachi of 2013 and now,” he asserted.Nisar told the press he has asked for extension for former DG Rangers General Rizwan Akhtar from General Kayani and General Raheel Sharif. “They obliged my request and give me permission to have him as long as I want,” he claimed. “Current DG Rangers General Bilal is also on the same page with us and has adopted the same policy of his former colleague,” he pointed out.

“Rangers have made Karachi a peaceful city with the help of Police and other agencies. Kindly let them work,” he requested the Sindh government. “The Rangers are allocated in Karachi under Anti-terrorism law, they are not working on the orders of federal government and same is the case with FIA and NAB under article 4 of the Constitution,” he told the press.


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