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Sindh CM approves summary of Rangers’ extension

KARACHI: Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah on Monday approved the summary granting Rangers stay in Karachi with special powers.

According to the CM’s spokesperson, Murad Ali Shah approved the summary which called for extending Rangers’ stay for one year in Karachi and also granted them special powers for 90 days. The spokesperson also said that the CM was hopeful Rangers would continue to play a vital part in maintaining the law and order situation of Karachi, just as they had in the recent past.

The spokesperson also stated that the chief minister’s recommendation will be sent to the federal government. The decision comes one day after CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah held a meeting with former president and PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari in Dubai. Zardari had reportedly granted permission to Murad to approve the summary for extending Rangers’ stay in Sindh with special powers.

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