Sindh Assembly passes conditional resolution for extension of Rangers’ powers

Sindh Assembly has passed the conditional resolution for extension of Rangers’ authorities.

“Rangers cannot arrest anyone without permission of Sindh government,” the resolution stated. “Except terrorists’ arrests all other arrests will be made after CM Sindh’s permission,” resolution added.
According to media sources the opposition has protested and walked out on the passed resolutions. “The conditions include that Rangers cannot keep the arrested in 90-day custody which will limit the authorities of the Rangers,” media reported. “Opposition tore the resolution and refused to accept it,” reports revealed.
The issue has been a point of contention between Sindh government and federal government. The provincial government was showing hesitation in giving extension to Rangers. “The draft was kept secret by the government and was not revealed till the last moment and it was passed very quickly,” reporter told the channel.
While talking to Waqt News Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Imran Ismail has said that the party doesn’t accept this resolution, as it has limited the authority of Rangers. “Rangers have to get permission before raiding a government office according to the resolution. How can it is be acceptable? Rangers should work freely,” he said.
While talking to media PTI leader Khuram Sher Zaman said that the Constitution has been humiliated. “This resolution gives protection to murderers and abductors,” he claimed. “We will launch a protest movement against it and will not let the assembly work,” he added.

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