Shruti Haasan’s tribute to women with song on Women’s Day

‘My Day In The sun’ to give voice to all women Shruti will release her song on Women’s Day

Indian actor Shruti Haasan has come up with a new single album My Day In The sun. The singer-actor will release My Day In The sun on the occasion of Women’s Day (March 8). Shruti, who wrote the song, made the project in collaboration with music directors Ehsaan and Loy.

“While writing this song, my main focus was giving a voice to all women. It is about our time as women to shine, to be strong and to epitomise the kind of woman we each want to be,” Shruti said. “I was really glad to be able to write and sing this song. Musically, it really goes back to the roots of what I’ve always loved…very rock and roll and something you can sing from the heart,” she added

“Shruti is a fantastic songwriter. We’ve come up with a song which is very contemporary and hard-hitting both musically and lyrically,” Ehsaan and Loy said.

The audio track will be released first on March 8 and then release the video will be out after a couple of months.

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