Shopaholics – this new bag will save you money!

Are you a shopper who is driven by temptation? Or you cannot resist yourself from splurging when passing by display windows? Are you tired of trying to control yourself but end up failing every single time? Then here is some good news for you! IBag 2, which is still a prototype, is a concept design that will help you curb your impulse buys.

The IBag 2 will is a bag in which you programme in the places where you shop most frequently or where you just cannot resist splurging (along with the timings you usually go there at) and once you do that, the bag will automatically lock itself tightly when its GPS sensors see that you are near those stores. Interesting right?

That’s not all though! This bag is packed with features and will also start to flash when you take out your wallet, reminding you to think twice before swiping your cards or spending that hard earned money. Not only that, the IBag2 will be packed with a tracker and a USB connection with a battery pack to charge your phone or tablet on the go!

It’s powered by an Arduino Uno microprocessor, vibration motors, a timer, GPS, Bluetooth, RFID and LED lights.

Now doesn’t that just sound like a dream come true? By now, we are pretty sure the men are pretty irked that something like this is not available for them, but no worries because a version for the men is also on the cards.

The bag is prototype by website and was designed by NY-based designer Geova Rodrigues and put together by engineers from robotics firm Colmac Robotics in Dublin, Ireland.


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