Shocking video of Four divers escaping as White Shark got head struck in their cage

At a remote island off Mexico, four divers are fortunate to be alive after a great white shark severed the air hose leading to their submersed cage, and then jammed its massive body inside the cage through its open top.

The divers had entered a tall, open-topped cage with an upper viewing platform called a balcony, and were lowered to what was considered an ideal depth at which to view sharks.

The shark, measuring 13 to 15 feet, approached the cage. A diver pushed the shark away, and moments later the shark bit through the air hose, “creating an explosion of air bubbles.”

A diver quickly turned on the emergency air valve. But then, in what can be described as a freak occurrence, the shark entered the balcony area and swam vertically into the cage, becoming hopelessly stuck.

Later, the cage was hauled up, divers rescued and shark was freed to swim away also in terror.

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