Shocked Fishermen found nuclear submarine instead of whale

Sea of Japan a favourite location for catching crabs, is usually full of Japanese and Russian fishermen. The deep and open sea has witnessed the sighting of many whales which hardly mess with the ensuing fishermen. A whale emerging here or there is a least concern for local fishermen but what may follow will surprise you.

Two Russian fishermen in an inflatable boat in the Sea of Japan were tending to crab nets when they noticed a whale surfacing very close to them, or what they thought was a whale. Moments later, however, it became clear what was surfacing right next to their boat wasn’t a whale. Not even close. It was a nuclear submarine. Despite the frightening encounter, they managed to capture video of the passing sub with an expletive-laden narrative. “Are you [expletive] kidding me?” one of the fishermen said in Russian.

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